Applications of innovative iCAM cameras:      

● Long-term monitoring of areas with presence of at least instantaneous 230V, 24V power supplyEg., street lighting lantern powered only at night or from a 230V extension cable.      

● City monitoring from any 230V lighting lantern      

● Observation of construction sites and investment areasEg., construction of highways, distant and strategically important objects, bridges and structures in hazardous places, etc.      

● Monitoring of construction investments and subcontractors by managers and business owners      

● Monitoring of communes without projects and without permits to be completed in 3 daysVideo monitoring is now possible anywhere, without any wires.      

● Monitoring of illegal waste dumpsQuarterly cleaning costs cover the purchase of several such cameras, which will also solve other problems.      

● Observation of dangerous intersections and road crossings that do not have wired monitoring      

● iCAM-MobileHD has the features of an operating camera with its own 12h power supply and cameras for long-term observation with automatic charging      

● Remote observation      

● Camera on the car of a security company and special services      

● Very fast response to reports and complaints from residents of municipalities      

● Monitoring of border crossings      

● Monitoring places of illegal immigrants

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